About Crow & Crown

Crow & Crown's main driving focus is to take real-life history and folklore and turn it into something fun and accessible for gamers. Each of our 'big books', such as Herbarium and the upcoming Mausoleum, is inspired by real-life historical occult practices, folk tales, and local myths. Each book contains a glossary containing all of these stories, to honour and encourage further exploration of these sources.
With over 18,000 sales and over 6,000 five-star reviews, Crow & Crown is a brand that continues to create sustainable, high-quality, luxury goods for gamers.

Crow & Crown is the brainchild of illustrator and writer Fen Inkwright (previously Fez), who has been creating stationery, apparel, and folk horror-inspired books for the TTRPG community for over 15 years. She has also authored several highly acclaimed books about the occult history and folklore of plants. 

Our carbon footprint: Crow & Crown's main missive is to keep gaming fun... whilst keeping our effect on the planet as low as possible. The majority of our products are printed within the UK, using sustainable or recycled materials, and every year we donate a portion of our profits to environmental charities such as Opportunity Green, Carbon180, and the Woodland Trust.

Want to follow more of Fen's work? You can find her portfolio and more here.