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Crow & Crown

Bloodwood: A 5e Adventure (Digital download)

Bloodwood: A 5e Adventure (Digital download)

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A spate of attacks on caravans.
A gold-greedy nobleman: ambitious, successful. Missing.
A town, under attack from vengeful fey.

The town of Redstone is in disarray. A local nobleman has gone missing, and without his protection from the territorial Bloodwood fey, the town is slowly being swallowed by the forest’s unnatural growth. Residents are leaving at a record pace, and Redstone’s future is bleak – but a daring adventurer may still be tempted by rumours of golden hoards hidden within the forest, of nightly processions of ghosts, and treasures untold for those brave enough to find them. And in the process of chasing stories, the true mystery of Lord Vasco’s disappearance may still be solved…

Bloodwood is a challenging adventure designed for four players at level six. The module runs across 4-5 sessions and can be played as a standalone adventure, or slotted into an existing campaign.

Included in this module:

  • 34 pages of fully-illustrated content
  • 13 unique monsters created by Crow & Crown, including 8 monsters unique to this module
  • 13 unique custom items created by Crow & Crown
  • Fully compatible with the Herbarium supplement
  • 2 battlemaps designed specifically for this module
  • Random roll-tables, including new ways to handle weather systems and use the weather to provide new challenges for experienced players
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