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Hag's Bazaar (Digital download)

Hag's Bazaar (Digital download)

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'I am no tinker who can repair your household goods, nor blacksmith who can shoe a horse. Here you will find only items imagined - but thought improbable.'

Her smile widens.

She has SO many teeth.

'And if you have the coin, I might even part with them.'

The Hag's Bazaar contains everything a DM requires when in need of a merchant NPC. Here you'll find 60 unique items, from uncommon rarity through to legendary, and even unique: as well as information about the bazaar itself and its uncanny proprietor, Maudtilda Q. Bonepestle (Hag, Certified).

Items are organised by rarity, and include guide prices, magical auras (for those curious enough to Identify them on the spot), and comments from Maudtilda, along with a stat block for the proprietor herself. The Hag's Bazaar is written by D&D professor Terry D. Johnson, and full of stunning artwork from Blizzard artist Sam Key.

Included in this book:

  • 60 unique magic items created by experienced writer and gaming professor Terry D Johnson
  • Description and stat block for Maudtilda Q Bonepestle 
  • Description of the Hag's Bazaar for easy DM use
  • Illustrations by Blizzard artist Sam Key and Crow & Crown's own Fen Inkwright
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