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Herbarium: A Botanical 5e Supplement

Herbarium: A Botanical 5e Supplement

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Herbarium is the lovechild of folklorist Fen Inkwright's love for botanical mythology and the TTRPG community. The supplement includes:

  • Foraging mechanics
  • A dictionary of real-life plants and their historical uses, converted to 5e mechanics
  • Thematic adventure hooks and encounters
  • Six new subclasses inspired by real-life historical occult practices (the 'Oath of the Endling' Paladin, the 'College of Arcanists' Bard, the 'Deep Roots' Sorcerous Origin; the 'Poisoner' Rogue; and two new Warlock Patrons)
  • New folklore-inspired character backgrounds
  • Monstrous creatures from the dark side of traditional folk horror
  • Over 100 craftable potions, items, and poisons
  • How to present seasonal changes, biomes and climates to your players 

Please bear in mind that the current print run of Herbarium has a different, non-textured paperstock to the cover.

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