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Let There Be Fog Tote Bag (Natural)

Let There Be Fog Tote Bag (Natural)

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Verði þoka,
​​​​​​​​​og verði skrípi,
og undr öllum þeim er eftir þér sækja
(Brennu-Njáls saga)

The Brennu-Njáls Saga is a classic Icelandic folk tale full of monsters, magic, and adventure. Make a statement with this stylish tote bag with one of our favourite excerpts - a blessing granted to the hero of the tale as he seeks to evade his enemies.

Printed on recycled, unbleached, heavy-duty cotton canvas, this tote bag measures 420 x 370mm, with a generous 110mm gusset to make sure that it holds everything you need it to! Prefer your totes in a different colour? Check out the rest of our Folklore Collection for the black version.

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